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How to Participate

Finding an SFSP Site

Are you a parent or guardian looking for SFSP sites near you? Find a summer site in your community with our Summer Meal Site Finder mapping tool. You can also text “Summer Meals” to 914-342-7744.or call 1-866-348-6479 to find a site near you.

Operating an SFSP Site

Are you interested in operating a site that serves summer meals? See the contact information of your state agency. They can help determine if you are located in an eligible area.

What's New?



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Turnip the Beet! High Quality Summer Meals Award Program

​The Turnip the Beet Award recognizes outstanding summer meal program sponsors across the nation who work hard to offer high quality meals to children that are appetizing, appealing, and nutritious during the summer months.

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Program Guidance

These resources are periodically updated to reflect changes to the Summer Food Service Program and highlight new resources available for sponsors.