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Summer Food, Summer Moves Resource Kit

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Summer Food, Summer Moves is a fun, hands-on resource kit designed to get kids and families excited about healthy eating and physical activity during the summer months. The kit is designed for use by summer meal site operators and focuses on using music, games, art, and movement to motivate kids and families to choose more fruits and vegetables, choose water instead of sugary drinks, get enough physical activity every day, and to limit screen time.


All are welcome to download these materials and make copies. If you have difficulty opening any of these files in your Internet browser, please right-click on the link and "save link as."

Operator Activity Guide

A group of happy children eating together
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Activity Guides for Families

A family preparing a healthy meal together
A family hiking outdoors
Family playing an active game outdoors together
Group of children preparing healthy foods together
Two kids eating lunch outside
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Kids playing football


Kids eating healthy foods, drinking water and saying no to screen time
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Set of 7 Posters in English and Spanish
A water bottle and a girl drinking water
A variety of snack ideas such as apple and peanut butter
A variety of children dancing, biking and playing
Children jumping and dancing
Kids playing outdoor soccer


Young teens having a picnic with healthy foods
Smiling children lying in the grass
Children jumping and having fun
A group of diverse happy children standing together
Kids having fun and eating healthy foods
Kids playing outdoor soccer


Place mat with MyPlate icon and kids games
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English muffin with peanut butter and berries
Berry Jams Party Bites
Chicken salad in a lettuce leaf
Fruity Fun Chicken Salad Cups
Pita bread stuffed with tuna salad
Garden Fiesta Tuna Pockets
A rolled sandwich wrap made with hummus
Home Run Hummus Wrap
A plate of vegetables, chips and a cup of salsa
Summer Vegetable Salsa
Sliced cucumbers, carrots, broccoli and dip
Cool Cucumber Yogurt Dip
Page updated: January 08, 2024