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Basic page Child Nutrition Programs Legislation and Regulations

Legislation and regulations authorizing the child nutrition programs. 

Resource | Policy Memos Revision to the Report of the SFSP for Children (FNS-418) and the Addition of SSO to the Report of School Program Operations (FNS-10)

This memorandum and attachments provide information on the revised Form FNS-418: Report of the Summer Food Service Program for Children that is used to report data on meals served in the SFSP, and the revised Form FNS-10: Report of School Program Operations that is used to report data on meals served in the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program.  

SP 17-2024, SFSP 10-2024
Resource | Federal Register Documents Comment Request - WIC Farmers' Market Nutrition Program Forms and Regulations

FNS uses the information to assess how each FMNP state agency operates; to ensure the accountability of state agencies, local agencies, and farmers/farmers' markets/roadside stands; to make program management decisions; and to report to Congress as needed.

Basic page Nutrition Security Promotion Toolkit

Browse shareable graphics that break down statistical information about how diet-related diseases affect us all.  

FNS Program Participation Dashboard

The program participation dashboard is an interactive tool that provides FNS nutrition program data, including participation and meals served, at the state, territory, and national levels. 

Resource | Brochures SUN Program Thẻ giá

Bộ thẻ giá hai mặt bắt mắt quảng bá các chương trình SUN.

Resource | Brochures SUN Program Mga Rack Card

Isang hanay ng mga kapansin-pansin, double-sided rack card na nagpo-promote ng mga SUN programs.

Resource | Brochures SUN Program 架卡

一套引人注目的双面架卡,用于宣传 SUN 计划。

Page updated: October 14, 2021