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September 2023 OIG Audit Memos: Unused Reimbursement and Site Proximity

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On Sept. 28, 2023, FNS released three new memos and revised two existing memos in response to an audit conducted by the USDA Office of Inspector General (OIG), Consolidated Report of FNS and Selected State Agencies’ Controls Over SFSP, Audit Report 27601-0005-41. 

To complement the written guidance, FNS published this recorded webinar on Feb. 28, 2024 for state agencies. The webinar includes a summary of the new memos released in Sept. 2023 and goes into detail about best practices for unused reimbursements and site proximity.

Memos released Sept. 28, 2023

New Memos

Revised Memos

Page updated: February 28, 2024