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FNS Partnerships

If you are a non-profit, faith-based, corporate, or governmental organization that is dedicated to ending hunger, then consider partnering with FNS. FNS helps our partners find ways to leverage federal support for local impact, and gives them access to extensive information resources. FNS also works closely with many partners on new innovative projects. Check out our partnerships resources below before taking the next step.

Partnership Agreement Form

The Partnership Agreement Form allows you to enter into a flexible partnership with the Food and Nutrition Service. The form explains why partnerships are so important to us and lists the different ways you can get involved with us.

How Corporations Can Help End Hunger

Corporations often have branches or foundations that focus on social responsibility and philanthropic activities. A great cause you can get involved in is ending hunger in America.  Read some of our ideas.  

Get Involved by Getting Started

We're glad you're ready to get started on ending hunger and improving nutrition in America. FNS has many programs designed to tackle the problems of hunger and poor nutrition, and we rely on people like you to reach those individuals in need.