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Developing and Writing a Successful Application

This webinar addresses key characteristics of a competitive Farm to School Grant Program application. This webinar was recorded Friday, Nov. 13, 2020.

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SNAP to Skills: Four Years of Lessons Learned on SNAP E&T Operations

This session is most appropriate for those in states in earlier stages of SNAP E&T program development who want to see their programs advance as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Farm to School Grant Program Overview and How to Apply

Farm to School Grant Program Overview and How to Apply is a webinar from the USDA-FNS Office of Community Food Systems National Office Team. This webinar was originally recorded Nov. 10, 2020.

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Farm to School Grantee Webinar: Modifying Your Grant

Grant Modification: an FY 2020 reporting webinar

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Treating the Whole Person: A Recipe for Long-Term Success

This session focuses on the importance of E&T beyond just helping participants find a job. Hear the experiences from three different faith-based organizations on how they have helped SNAP participants assess their comprehensive needs and identify long-term strategies for success.

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Targeting E&T Services to Unique SNAP Populations

This session will highlight unique approaches to customizing services to meet the needs of unique SNAP populations, such as older workers, unstably housed and homeless individuals, and English language learners.

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SNAP E&T Pilots: Lessons Learned from Offering Innovative SNAP E&T Services under Pilot Projects

This panel will describe the pilots’ characteristics, and three grantees will share their experiences in planning and implementing their pilots. The panel will describe the successful strategies grantees used and the challenges they faced.

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Braiding Services for the Best Outcomes

In this session, presenters from the Missouri workforce development system will share how they communicate available resources to the customer, and how they use the customer information to decide which partners to convene to achieve the best outcome.

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The Employment Landscape for SNAP Participants in a Post Pandemic World

We'll look at the latest information on unemployment and the labor market—who is struggling to find work and what barriers do they face—in order to understand what kinds of services and supports from E&T providers can help SNAP participants gain or regain employment.

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Lessons Learned Starting Up and Scaling SNAP E&T Partnerships

Speakers from this session will share insights about the operational considerations and lessons learned when scaling a 50/50 partnership at the state, county, or system-level.