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Resource | Policy Memos Revision to the Report of the SFSP for Children (FNS-418) and the Addition of SSO to the Report of School Program Operations (FNS-10)

This memorandum and attachments provide information on the revised Form FNS-418: Report of the Summer Food Service Program for Children that is used to report data on meals served in the SFSP, and the revised Form FNS-10: Report of School Program Operations that is used to report data on meals served in the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program.  

SP 17-2024, SFSP 10-2024
Resource | Policy Summer EBT Benefit Issuance and Participation Reporting Q&As

This memo provides questions and answers addressing the FY 2024 benefit issuance and participation reporting requirements for Summer EBT. The guidance is divided into three sections. The first section addresses the benefit issuance reporting requirements for Summer EBT; the second section addresses participation reporting requirements; and the third section provides special instructions for reporting Summer EBT benefits issuance and participation data when Summer 2024 benefits are issued after Sept. 30, 2024 (i.e., in FY 2025).

FM 04-2024, SEBT 04-2024
Resource | Policy Memos SNAP - Flexibility in Timeframes for Requesting Verification

This memo highlights flexibility for state agencies to give households more time to submit verification required for SNAP eligibility and benefit amount determinations.

Resource | Policy SNAP Multiple Online Applications and Telephonic Signatures

This memo expands on the Online Application Policy clarification memorandum issued Feb. 15, 2024, and clarifies existing policy relative to multiple online applications for the same household and telephonic signatures.

Resource | Policy SNAP – State Policy Options Related to Custodial and Non-Custodial Parent Cooperation with State CSAs

In May 2019, FNS reminded state agencies that they may choose to require custodial and non-custodial parents to cooperate with the state Child Support Agency as a condition of eligibility for SNAP and disqualify individuals in arrears for child support. This memorandum provides additional information and considerations for states regarding this option. 

Resource | Policy Buy American Provisions Related to the Final Rule - CNP Meal Patterns Consistent with the 2020-25 DGAs

Detailed guidance on recent regulatory changes to the Buy American provisions. The Buy American Exceptions Tracking Standard Form is an optional template that school food authorities can use to organize files and document the use of exceptions to purchase non-domestic foods under the Buy American provision. 

Resource | Policy SNAP – Alter Procedures When Change of Address is Reported Administrative Waiver

In a continued effort to reduce administrative burden and simplify SNAP processes, FNS is extending approval of the address change waiver beyond the unwinding period to support more effective and efficient program administration.

Resource | Policy CACFP Implementation Guidance: State Agency Financial Review Requirements

FNS published the Child Nutrition Program Integrity Final Rule and amended regulations at 7 CFR 226.7(b) and 7 CFR 226.10(c) to codify the requirement for an annual reconciliation of bank account activity and accounting of reported actual expenditures with Child and Adult Care Food Program payments. This memorandum provides a summary of each provision and instructions for how to complete the annual verification of bank account activity and actual expenditures.

CACFP 09-2024
Resource | Policy Memos Geographic Preference Expansion Related to the Final Rule - Child Nutrition Programs: Meal Patterns Consistent With the 2020-2025 DGAs

This memorandum provides a detailed explanation of the expanded geographic preference option. 

SP 22-2024, CACFP 08-2024, SFSP 13-2024
Resource | Policy Memos Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program: Allocation of Funds for FY 2025

The purpose of this memorandum is to provide funding allocation amounts for the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program for all state agencies for FY 2025, including information on funding requirements and deadlines, and a reminder of important program requirements.

Page updated: October 14, 2021