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Non-Congregate Summer Meal Service

Certain rural areas can distribute nutritious meals to kids outside of the typically required group (congregate) settings through the Summer Food Service Program and NSLP Seamless Summer Option.

As part of our collaborative efforts to enhance USDA's summer nutrition programs, approved program operators in low-income, rural areas can now use alternate service models that are tailored to the needs of the children and communities they serve. States will exercise discretion in approving sites for non-congregate meal service as they balance meeting the needs of their communities and ensuring program integrity.

Guidance Documents

  • SFSP 08-2024, SP 15-2024 - Non-Congregate Meal Service in Rural Areas Questions and Answers #2
  • SFSP 07-2024, SP 13-2024 - Non-Congregate Meal Service in Rural Areas Questions and Answers
  • SFSP 05-2024 - Guidance on the Management and Administration Plan and State Administrative Funds
  • SFSP 04-2024, SP 06-2024 - Rural Designations in the Summer Meal Programs - Revised
  • SFSP 03-2024, SP 05-2024 - Implementation Guidance for the Rural Non-congregate Option Provisions of the Interim Final Rule, Establishing the Summer EBT Program and Rural Non-Congregate Option in the Summer Meal Programs
  • SFSP 03-2023 - Guidance on Performance Standards, Budgets, and Management Plans in the SFSP
  • SFSP 02-2023 - Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023: Effect on Child Nutrition Programs

Additional Resources

Page updated: April 01, 2024