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Healthy Meals Incentives

USDA's Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) has established the Healthy Meals Incentives Initiative to improve the nutritional quality of school meals through food systems transformation, school food authority recognition and technical assistance, the generation and sharing of innovative ideas and tested practices, and grants.

Starting in spring 2023, FNS will support the development and innovative solutions for K-12 food service transformation. Through partnerships between various entities, the goal is to create a resilient, equitable, and nutritious school food system. As part of these grants, grantees will work with industry partners (agricultural producers, growers, processors, etc.) to develop creative solutions to provide nutritious foods for school meals.

Development and Implementation of HMI School Food System Transformation Challenge Sub-Grants

A Request for Applications for the fiscal year 2023 Development and Implementation of Healthy Meals Incentives School Food System Transformation Challenge Sub-Grants Cooperative Agreement is now available at

FNS expects to award $50 million in total funding through a competitive award process for use over the grant period through up to four (4) cooperative agreements.

Find more information about the Healthy Meals Incentives Initiative.


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