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Serving Up MyPlate: A Yummy Curriculum

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444, 445, 446
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Nutrition Education
Serving Up My Plate Level 1

Level 1
Grades 1 and 2

Cover of Serving Up MyPlate Level 2: Illustration of a hand holding a tray with the MyPlate icon

Level 2
Grades 3 and 4

Serving Up MyPlate Level 3

Level 3
Grades 5 and 6

Serving Up MyPlate is a collection of classroom materials that helps elementary school teachers integrate nutrition education into math, science, English language arts, and health. This yummy curriculum introduces the importance of eating from all five food groups using the MyPlate icon and a variety of hands–on activities. Students also learn the importance of physical activity to staying healthy. Curriculum components:

Each Teacher's Guide has three inquiry-driven lessons that help children discover nutrition, explain their understandings, and reflect upon their experiences - all of which encourage a lasting awareness of what it means to be healthy.


All are welcome to download these materials and make copies. To download the file, please right-click on the link and "save link as."

Ordering: Print copies are only available in English. Child Nutrition Program operators may request printed copies of this resource, while supplies last.

Each kit contains one guide, a song CD, 35 MyPlate at Home handouts, and a MyPlate poster.

A CD of the songs is included in each printed Teacher's Guide. Each level includes activities using original songs that help students learn about healthy choices in an engaging and memorable way. Lyrics are included in each of the Teacher's Guides:

Alive With Five Groups
Levels 1 and 2button 1 image
Do and Be
All levelsSong button 2 image
Do Your Body Right
Level 3Song button 6 image
Additional Posters and Handouts
Eat Smart to Play Hard with MyPlate two-sided poster


Eat Smart to Play Hard Mini Poster Showing MyPlate Icon and Physically Active Kids

Eat Smart To Play Hard Mini Poster

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My Plate At Home

My Plate at Home

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