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Food Stamp EBT Systems and Program- Eligible vs. Non-Eligible Food Items: Report to Congress

This report explores the feasibility and potential cost of enabling EBT systems to differentiate between program-eligible and ineligible items. It considers the cost of upgrading systems in stores that now have scanners and the cost of installing new systems in stores without scanners. The report also examines the potential for the purchase of ineligible items even with the introduction of new technological controls.

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Reaching Those in Need: How Effective is the Food Stamp Program?

This pamphlet provides estimates for Food Stamp Program participation rates by States. It will be the first widely-released document showing the percentage of eligible people, by State, who actually participate in the program. Because the data are from January 1994, prior to the enactment of the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, they provide baseline data on participation rates prior to the enactment of welfare reform.

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Technical and Cost Feasibility of EBT Equipage in Farmers’ Markets and Mobile Food Retailers

Describe how participants redeem their food stamp (FS) benefits (including the number and types of stores frequented by typical clients, the timing and amount of purchases during the month, the frequency of benefit exhaustion, and the amount of benefits carried over into following months). And, identify redemption patterns across groups and analyze differences in redemption and shopping patterns if such exist (e.g., differences between participants with earnings and those without; differences between families with and without children; differences between geographic regions).