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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Last Published: 03/09/2018

National Level Annual Summary:

  • Participation and Costs, 1969-2017
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National and/or State Level Monthly and/or Annual Data

Latest Available Month December 2017

Persons, Households, Benefits, and Average Monthly Benefit per Person & Household

  • FY69 through FY18
  • FY15 through FY18 National View Summary

Latest Available Month December 2017, State Level Participation & Benefits:

  • Persons
  • Households
  • Benefits

SNAP is the federal name for the program. State programs may have different names.  

Additional SNAP Reports

See the SNAP page on Applicants and Recipients for detailed information about eligibility requirements and benefits.  The SNAP home page provides access to information on all aspects of the program.