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SNAP Replacement of Stolen Benefits Dashboard

This dashboard displays state-reported data provided to FNS in accordance with the January 2023 guidance on the replacement of stolen EBT benefits with federal funds. All data provided to FNS will be posted here quarterly, as soon as possible following receipt.

The data on this dashboard does not yet include data that uses consistent reporting periods. It does not yet indicate clear trends related to replacement of stolen SNAP benefits.

All states are approved to use federal funds to replace stolen SNAP benefits pursuant to the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023 and their FNS approved plan. Each state must report benefit replacement data to FNS on a quarterly basis once their state plan implementation period begins, with the initial report and all subsequent reports due no later than 45 days after the end of each federal fiscal year (FY) quarter.

FNS cautions users on making direct comparisons of stolen benefits between states, particularly during the early reporting periods. States started replacing benefits on different dates, so the initial reporting periods for each state differ. For example, Indiana and New Hampshire both submitted data for FY23 Q4, Indiana’s reporting period only covers 4 days (9/27 – 9/30) while New Hampshire’s covers a full month (9/1 – 9/30) because New Hampshire implemented earlier. 

As of FY24 Q1, the data represents 50 states but many of those did not report for a full quarter. The remaining states will be added over the subsequent quarters as they implement their plans and have data to report.

As states implemented their plans, they were allowed to replace benefits stolen as far back as Oct. 2022. Each state plan defines over what period of time, after implementation, states will continue to honor these “retroactive claims”. Each state’s retroactive claims period differs, so quarterly updates will continue to include retroactive claims for some time.

FNS suggests users keep the differences in state implementation and the inclusion of retroactive claims in mind when reviewing these data sets. Trends or patterns may only become apparent once all states are reporting and all retroactive claims are processed.

Please see our About the Data Guide if you have data-related questions.
Review the download instructions for information about downloading the data.

The SNAP stolen benefit data is available as a .csv file, which can be opened by most desktop spreadsheet applications.

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Page updated: June 13, 2024