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Crediting Updates for Child Nutrition Programs: Be in the Know! Webinar Series

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Team Nutrition’s webinar series on implementation of the changes in child nutrition programs specific to the following Crediting Request for Information (RFI) memos:

Recorded Webinars
  • Moving Forward: Update on Food Crediting in Child Nutrition Programs with Guidance for Dried Meat Products [Recorded Webinar]
  • Additional Meat/Meat Alternates Options for CNPs: Crediting Tempeh and Surimi [Recorded Webinar]
  • Crediting Coconut and Vegetable Noodles in CNPs [Recorded Webinar]
  • Crediting Popcorn, Hominy Corn Masa and Masa Harina in Child Nutrition Programs: [Recorded Webinar]
  • CN Labeling Program: Update for Industry [Recorded Webinar]
Page updated: June 12, 2024