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Crediting Popcorn, Hominy, Corn Masa and Masa Harina in Child Nutrition Programs

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The webinar, Crediting Popcorn, Hominy, Corn Masa and Masa Harina, provides an overview of the crediting updates resulting from the Request for Information for these foods and provide crediting technical assistance with hands-on practice specifically for Popcorn, Hominy, Corn Masa, and Masa Harina. This is the fourth webinar of the Crediting Updates for Child Nutrition Programs: Be in the Know! webinar series. This webinar series assists with implementation of the recent changes in CNP related to the release of SP 08-2019, CACFP 02-2019, SFSP 02-2019 Update of Food Crediting in the Child Nutrition Programs and other related memos. 

Page updated: November 13, 2019