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There are three methods by which to make a payment to FNS:

  • On-Line -
  • The Automated Standard Application For Payments (ASAP)
  • Mail

A payment can be made on-line if the source of funds is either a bank account or credit card. FNS' online payments are handled by, a Government-wide transaction portal which provides electronic financial services for Federal agencies. To make an online payment, you must use the Standard Form 1114 - Bills for Collection. Please have available your Receivable ID number and Customer Account number (both are shown on the FNS billing letter).

Assistance with online payments is available Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. till 6:00 P.M. Eastern time:

Customer Account Support - 703-305-6533
Online Technical Support - 877-807-4135 (toll free)


The Automated Standard Application for Payments System allows state agencies and other FNS program grant recipients to make payments from accounts pre-authorized by FNS. ASAP is administered by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond Virginia and the U.S. Treasury Financial Management Service. Further information and details are available at:


You may mail a check or money order, payable to Food and Nutrition Service to this address:

P. O. Box 979027
St. Louis, MO 63197-9000

To ensure proper credit, write your Customer Account Number on the check or money order. If you have questions, please call (703) 305-6533.

The payment options that are available to different categories of payees are as follow:


Payment methods available

  On Line ASAP Mail

State Agencies and Grantees


Yes - per instructions above

Yes - to lock box address above




Yes - to lock box address above

Page updated: January 04, 2023