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Handwashing and Cleaning Resources

Resource type
Technical Assistance & Guidance

The following handwashing and cleaning resources are available for download and use.

Photographs and Illustrations

handwashing between fingers

Handwashing at Work (DPI: 150, 93)

Handwashing group

Handwashing Training (DPI: 150, 93)

Handwashing lather

Handwashing Steps: Lather

Handwashing and rinsing

Handwashing Steps: Rinse

drying hands after washing

Handwashing Steps: Dry

child washing hands

Child Washing Hands

Signs and Mini-Posters

Handwashing tip sheet


Different steps of handwashing

How to Wash Your Hands

Temporary Handwashing Station

Temporary Handwashing Station

For Child Care Providers: Hand Washing

For Child Care Providers: Hand Washing


Activity Sheets for Kids

Identify steps to hand washing
Wash Your Hands


Page updated: May 08, 2024