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Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) Policy # 02-2005: Extension of Waivers Due to Emergency Conditions Caused by Hurricane Katrina

This memorandum announces the extension of waivers pertaining to SFSP and contained in SFSP Policy # 01-2005, issued on September 2, 2005.

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PL 104-193: Changes to Applications for Waivers in the Child Nutrition Programs

PL 104-193, the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, was signed by the President on Aug. 22, 1996. Section 705(f) of that legislation made a number of changes to Section 12(1) of the National School Lunch Act which governs the waiver process in the Child Nutrition Programs. This memorandum identifies the changes made by PL 104-193 and provides guidance to be used in developing and submitting waiver requests to the Child Nutrition Division.