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Resource | Policy SNAP FY 24 Allocations of Discretionary Exemptions for ABAWDs

This memorandum adjusts the total number of exemptions available to each state for FY 2024. This includes adjustments in the number of exemptions available to states in which caseloads change by more than 10 percent.

Resource | Policy FY 15 SNAP QC Tolerance Level

SNAP’s QC system uses a tolerance level to set the threshold for determining which errors are included in the national payment error rate calculation. The first year the TFP based adjustment will occur is FY 2015. FNS is adjusting the threshold using the TFP for the 48 contiguous states and the District of Columbia. FNS calculated the percentage change between the June 30, 2013 TFP (FY 2014) and the June 30, 2014 TFP (FY 2015). FNS has applied that percentage to the $37 QC tolerance level, which results in an increase to $38.

SNAP QC PM 14-03
Resource | Policy SNAP Quality Control Error Tolerance Threshold for FY 2024

The SNAP QC system use a tolerance level to set a monetary threshold for determining which QC errors are included in the calculation of payment error rates. This threshold is adjusted annually to correspond with changes in the Thrifty Food Plan.

QC Policy Memo 23-04
Resource | Policy SNAP – Waiver of the Interview Phaseout to Support Unwinding from the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency

This memo explains that FNS is offering certain states the opportunity to request a short-term interview waiver. FNS recognizes that unwinding from the PHE and staffing challenges have put a continuing strain on states and is providing additional time for states to return to normal processing regarding the interview.

Resource | Policy SNAP Use of Nonmerit Personnel in SNAP Administration

This memo seeks to clarify existing policy and flexibilities regarding the use of nonmerit personnel in the administration of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Resource | Policy SNAP Online Application Policy Clarification

This memo reiterates and clarifies existing online application policy for state agencies. 

Resource | Policy Memos SNAP FY 2025 Priority Areas for State Outreach Plans

FNS is committed to increasing access to SNAP, one of the most powerful tools available to ensure low-income people have access to healthy food. Program informational activities, or SNAP outreach activities, are a critical tool to ensure vulnerable populations are aware of the availability, eligibility requirements, application procedures, and benefits of SNAP.

Resource | Policy Memos Reporting Expectations for the Certifications Section of the FNS-366B: Q&A

This guidance clarifies reporting expectations for the Certifications Section of the Program and Budget Summary Statement, Part B - Program Activity Statement (FNS-366B). This guidance replaces the previously issued guidance entitled Clarifications for Reporting on the Certification Section of the FNS-366B, dated Jan. 11, 2017.

Resource | Policy Use of Advanced Automation in SNAP

This memo provides State agencies with guidance on allowable use of advanced automation technologies. 

Resource | Policy Memos Preguntas y Respuestas sobre Elegibilidad Categórica y Vehículos

Preguntas y Respuestas sobre Elegibilidad Categórica y Vehículos

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