Team Nutrition

Implementation Tools and Resources

Last Modified: 01/13/2014

USDA’s Team Nutrition and the Healthy Meals Resource System have developed a Web site to help local educational agencies meet the local school wellness policy requirements and establish a healthy school nutrition environment. Check out the new School Nutrition Environment and Wellness Resources Web site  for information and resources on:

  • Local School Wellness Policy Process steps to put the policy into action
  • Required Wellness Policy Elements to meet the federal requirements
  • Healthy School Nutrition Environment improvements related to food and physical activity
  • Samples, Stories, and Guidance ideas for schools
  • Research Reports on school wellness
  • Grants/Funding Opportunities related to child nutrition and physical activity

Team Nutrition Resources
Check out the Team Nutrition library for resources, lesson plans, recipes, guidance to improve the quality of school meals, and materials for nutrition education and promotion. Some examples include:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has online resources to assist school districts in designing, implementing, and promoting elements of local school wellness policies:

Be sure to take a look at CDC's School Health Guidelines to Promote Healthy Eating and Physical Activity. This resource presents guidelines for developing, implementing, and evaluating school-based healthy eating and physical activity policies and practices for K-12 students. They also provide useful strategies for facilitating the implementation of the guidelines and cover topics including policy, and school environment recommendations, physical education, school meals, competitive foods, school health eservices, school employee wellness, health education and teacher qualifications and training.

Additional resource on evaluating wellness policies:

Resource to Sustain and Strengthen Local Wellness Initiatives is a guide to help school districts conduct an evaluation of local wellness policies. This guide details step-by-step instructions for conducting an evaluation, deciding what the results mean, and communicating the findings to stakeholders. (Developed by NFSMI and funded, in part, by USDA.)  

This portion of our site will continue to be updated to reflect the requirements of the 2010 law.