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New Dietary Guidelines

New nutritional guidelines released by HHS and USDA help the public make informed choices about their diets at home, school, work and in their communities.

Team Nutrition MyPlate eBooks
MyPlate eBooks

Make learning about MyPlate fun with these free Team Nutrition eBooks for kids!

SNAP Fight Against Hunger
SNAP Helps Families

A new White House report highlights research on SNAP's effectiveness and the importance of adequate food assistance.

Banner Year for School Meals
Banner Year for School Meals

Today, more than 97 percent of schools nationwide report they are meeting the updated school meal standards; helping to improve the health of our nation's schoolchildren. 

EAT School Lunch UX Challenge
E.A.T. School Lunch UX Challenge

FNS will award $50,000 in prizes as part a UX challenge to solicit innovative designs for an electronic school meals application.

Farm to School census
Farm to School Census

Learn how Farm to School programs in your area encourage kids to try, like and eat more healthy foods and create new market opportunities for the farmers that grow them.

Graphic of Food Waste
Reducing Food Waste

USDA estimates the average American spends $370 per year on food that’s not eaten. 

SNAP Time Limits for Able-bodied Adults
SNAP Time Limits for Able-bodied Adults

In many parts of the country, time limits are returning for able-bodied adults without dependents (ABAWDs) who receive SNAP.

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