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Infographic - Make A School Lunch Date
Make A School Lunch Date

Making a lunch date to eat with your child at school is a great way to encourage healthy eating habits and support school leaders.

New SNAP E&T Initiatives Aim to Help SNAP Participants Find Jobs
Helping SNAP Participants Find Jobs

SNAP Employment & Training (E&T) initiative provides in-demand job training and skills to low-income and low-skilled individuals.

National Farm to School graphic
National Farm to School Month

Watch the video: Farm to school is making a BIG impact.

School blackboard - Super Tracker Lesson Plans for the High School
Think Nutrition as High School Students Return to School

Team Nutrition and CNPP have a variety of resources available to support high school educators guide students on a path to good health.

FNS Disaster Assistance
The Year of the Flood

During any disaster, FNS works with its disaster feeding partners so that survivors will have access to food. 

Local Foods in Schools Bring Rural Communities Together
Local Foods in Schools Bring Communities Together

USDA's Farm to School Grant Program supports projects to bring more local foods into school meals and promote healthy eating habits.

Food Safety in Schools
Food Safety in Schools

FNS Office of Food Safety is committed to arming school nutrition professionals with the tools they need to prevent and control norovirus outbreaks.

USDA Fights Lead with Healthy Foods
USDA Fights Lead with Healthy Foods

USDA is encouraging healthy eating habits to Flint residents to help mitigate lead absorption.

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