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Local School Wellness Policy: Administrative Review Process

Last Published: 01/07/2015

The Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act, as amended by the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 (HHFKA), requires a unified accountability system designed to ensure that participating school food authorities (SFAs) comply with National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP) requirements. The Act also requires an accountability system that conducts Administrative Reviews to evaluate Program requirements for NSLP and SBP during a 3-year cycle.
The Administrative Review provides a comprehensive evaluation of school meals programs by State Agencies (SAs) of SFAs participating in the NSLP and SBP, and includes both Critical and General Areas of Review. The Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) has expanded the scope of review for both the Critical and General Areas to provide for a more robust review of program operations. This includes the implementation of the HHFKA program requirements and other Federal programs. FNS provides forms, instructions, and guidance to standardize the review process.
Monitoring for Local School Wellness Policies falls under the General Areas of the Administrative Review. The scope of monitoring may require the SA to assess how unit(s) of the local educational agency, other than the school food service, implement their Local School Wellness Policy responsibilities, as applicable.

Refer to the Local Process page to see which documentation to keep on file.

For more guidance and information on Administrative Reviews, please visit the School Meals website.

Please note: For the 2013-14 school year, State agencies will be selecting from the following two options:

  • Adopting the new process in its entirety. State agencies opting to move forward with the new administrative review process will do so under waiver authority; or
  • Continuing with CRE procedures—which must include monitoring of HHFKA requirements, as well as a nutrient analysis—with the understanding that a forthcoming regulation will require implementation of the new administrative review process.

For more information on SY 2013-14, school districts should contact their respective State agencies.