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WIC Staffing Data Collection Project

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The project, conducted by Burger, Carroll & Associates, Inc., is a component of ongoing Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) efforts to effectively develop administrative data collection on important issues in local level WIC staffing. This WIC Staffing Data Collection pilot project was prompted by a 2001 General Accounting Office (GAO) report that: cited a range of quality of services between local WIC agencies; expressed concern that local agencies may not be able to provide adequate services; and cited a need for improved professionalism and quality of service, as well as enhanced availability of professional staff to provide direct services.

USDA determined that additional data are required to adequately respond to GAO’s concerns and other requests for information. The goal of this project was to aid FNS in identifying staffing items/questions that can successfully be answered by WIC local agencies. Both paper-and-pencil and electronic based administrative reporting instruments were developed and pilot tested in this project.

Along with literature review and public and advisory panel comment, the project provides suggestions by twelve WIC local agencies that volunteered to pilot test the instruments. These agencies provided feedback on items/questions in order to maximize data quality and minimize respondent burden.

Page updated: December 02, 2021