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Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

WIC - Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) Guidance and Resources

The goal and purpose of the guidance and resources on this page is to ensure consistent standards applicable to WIC EBT and enable efficient application of WIC EBT business practices into automated cash register systems supporting food retail vendors.

FNS Handbook 901 - Advance Planning Documents - FNS Handbook 901 describes FNS policies and procedures that state agencies must follow in order to receive federal funding to develop, acquire, and/or implement information systems (IS) that support the operation of FNS programs.

Technical Documents
  • The Operating Rules (OR) and Technical Implementation Guide (TIG) are technical resources for states to apply in their EBT implementation projects for consistency in WIC EBT online purchase messages and file handling processes utilized by both smart card/offline and magstrip/online WIC EBT systems. These resources are used by all state agencies, authorized WIC vendors and EBT industry stakeholders.
  • MIS-EBT Universal Interface
    • Universal MIS-EBT Interface Specification (March 2015) - This document standardizes the functional requirements for the Universal Interface between the WIC Management Information Systems (WIC MIS) and the WIC Electronic Benefit Transfer systems (WIC EBT system) used in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).
    • The latest release of the WIC Universal MIS-EBT Interface Specification document dated March 2015 is now available. The document has been updated from the June 2012 version based on the comments reviewed and accepted
  • Functional Requirements Document (FReD) - Functional Requirements Document (FReD) for a Model WIC Information System provides a comprehensive description of functions that can be automated to support the WIC Program.
  • WIC EBT Systems Testing Guidelines - This document is designed as a guide to assist the states as they plan, prepare for, and execute testing of their WIC EBT systems.
Additional EBT Guidance and Resources

For more information on WIC EBT Policy guides, documents and additional EBT information, go to WIC EBT Document Library.