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Prioritizing Outreach

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WIC contributes to healthy outcomes for moms and their young children, yet only half of eligible women, infants, and children participate in the program (FNS, 2023). To make sure that eligible families know about WIC and the benefits it provides, FNS is investing in outreach.



Key Activities

Community Innovation and Outreach Cooperative Agreement (CIAO)

In October 2022, we awarded the Community Innovation and Outreach (CIAO) Cooperative Agreement to the Food Research & Action Center (FRAC). In May 2023, FRAC awarded the first round of WIC CIAO subgrants; 36 entities received a total of $16 million to work on local outreach across 32 states over 18 months. The lead organizations for these subgrants include 4 WIC state agencies, 17 WIC local agencies, and 15 nonprofit organizations. These subgrant projects represent diverse populations across the country. Four subgrant projects are led by tribal organizations. FNS expects another round of subgrants to be announced in summer 2024.

For more information about the subgrant projects, please visit the WIC CIAO website or subscribe for updates from FRAC.

Key Partners

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National Outreach Campaign

FNS is working with a contractor to develop and implement a bold, modern, and strategic WIC National Outreach Campaign to increase awareness among all who are eligible. Initial work will focus on research with participants and eligibles, strategy development, planning, and branding. New WIC branding is expected in summer 2024. Activities to ensure that key partners understand and promote WIC will follow.

Key Partners

  • Porter Novelli Public Services, Inc.

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Page updated: June 12, 2024