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Information Collection: WIC FMNP Reporting and Recordkeeping Burden

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This information collection is requesting a revision in the burden hours due to program changes resulting from FMNP state agencies transitioning from paper coupon systems to electronic benefit systems, as well as one existing requirement that has been in use without PRA approval. The requested revisions in this information collection also reflect program adjustments to account for changes in the number of FMNP participants, FMNP authorized outlets, and FMNP State and local agencies.

The Child Nutrition Act of 1966 and FMNP regulations require that certain program-related information be collected and that full and complete records concerning FMNP operations are maintained. The information reporting and recordkeeping burdens are necessary to ensure appropriate and efficient management of FMNP. The burden activities that are covered by this Information Collection Request (ICR) include requirements that involve the authorization and monitoring of state agencies; the certification of FMNP participants; the nutrition education that is provided to participants; farmer and market authorization, monitoring, and management; and financial and participation data.

The currently approved burden for this collection is 1,640,906 hours. FNS estimates the new burden at 1,175,580 burden hours, which is a decrease of 465,326 hours. The currently approved total annual responses are 4,909,194. FNS estimates the new number of responses at 4,148,625, which is a decrease of 760,569 total annual responses.



Page updated: July 16, 2024