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Proposed Rule: Requirements for and Evaluation of WIC Program Requests for Bids for Infant Formula Rebate Contracts

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Proposed Rule
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At the time the current cost containment regulations were published in 1989, there were only minor differences in infant formula wholesale prices and few differences in types of infant formulas offered by manufacturers, i.e., milk-and soy-based infant formula. However, current wholesale prices vary considerably among manufacturers for similar formulas and several new infant formulas have emerged on the market over the last decade.

Therefore, to reflect market changes in the infant formula industry and to optimize competition in the WIC Program's infant formula rebate contracts, this proposed rule would require WIC state agencies to award infant formula rebate contracts based on the lowest net price, allowing highest gross rebate as a basis of award only when retail prices of the different brands of infant formula vary, on average, by 5 percent or less.

Additionally, this proposed rule would define the types and forms of infant formula that must be included in cost containment systems. It would also expand on conditions that must be met for the issuance of infant formulas not covered by rebate contracts.

Page updated: May 26, 2021