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Final Rule: WIC Miscellaneous Vendor-Related Provisions

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Final Rule

This final rule amends the regulations governing the WIC program to clarify issues that have arisen subsequent to the publication of the WIC Food Delivery Systems Final Rule on Dec. 29, 2000, and to strengthen further the requirements for state vendor management and infant formula cost-containment systems.

This rule contains provisions that would prohibit a state agency from requiring an infant formula manufacturer to provide free infant formula or other items in its infant formula rebate bid solicitation and contract; require that a state agency provide an abbreviated administrative review when a vendor receives a WIC civil money penalty (CMP) as a result of a Food Stamp Program (FSP) disqualification; and expand the types of vendor information that a state agency may release for general program purposes.

Technical changes were also made to 7 CFR 246.16 due to revisions made to the WIC Food Packages, published in the Federal Register Dec. 6, 2007. This rule updates regulatory citations contained in 7 CFR 246.16 that refer to 7 CFR 246.10.

Page updated: September 19, 2023