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Women, Infants and Children (WIC)

FNS Breastfeeding Mothers' Room

Last Published: 11/20/2013

The Breastfeeding Mothers’ Room at FNS gives working mothers the opportunity to continue to provide their infant with the best nutrition, breast milk, when they return to work after childbirth. 

The Breastfeeding Mothers’ room has a private area with comfortable chairs, a breast pump for expressing milk and is equipped with a kitchen area for clean up; a refrigerator for storage of breast milk and a bulletin board area for information exchange and advice.

FNS promotes and supports breastfeeding in the workplace because breastfeeding provides important benefits to mothers, babies, and employers.  Breast milk is the most complete infant food and breastfeeding is the most economical and convenient way for a mother to feed her baby.  In addition, breastfeeding women share a special bond with their babies. Providing working mothers with a breastfeeding room gives them the opportunity to extend the bonding period, it also serves as an informal support system for prospective and continuing breastfeeding mothers.  FNS benefits from the Breastfeeding Mothers’ Room because new mothers are more content when they can combine work with breastfeeding. 

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