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FY 2022-24 WIC FMNP eSolution Grant Summaries

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The WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program provides a seasonal benefit to WIC participants to use at farmers’ markets, or with farmers, to purchase fresh and locally grown fruits and vegetables. The Program has always used paper coupons, but with the banking industry and other benefit programs shifting to eSolutions for transactions, this program has an urgent need to modernize in order to continue operating. eSolutions reduce administrative burden for program staff, market managers, farmers, and participants. Since FY 2022, FNS has awarded over $9 million in grants to 37 State agencies to support WIC FMNP eSolutions.

Grantee Summaries
AgencyAward AmountProject Summary
Alaska$247,670Alaska will transition from paper checks to a cardless eSolution by June 1, 2024.
Arkansas$150,600Arkansas is working with Gainwell to implement an eSolution that includes printed QR codes for participants, an app for farmers, and an FMNP portal for tracking expenditures and providing data on specific produce purchased with FMNP funds.


California will implement an eSolution that allows authorized farmers and markets to scan a QR code on participants’ California WIC Card to redeem both FMNP benefits and the WIC CVB.
Cherokee Nation$350,000Cherokee Nation is working with SoliMarket to implement an eSolution. Cherokee Nation is working closely with New Mexico on this project, as they share a Management Information System (MIS).
The Chickasaw Nation$249,710The Chickasaw Nation will contract with Custom Data Processing (CDP) to implement Farm Market Direct eSolution. This will replace paper vouchers with a QR code that can be printed onto a sticker and placed on a WIC EBT card that links to monthly FMNP benefits in the participant’s account.
Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma$221,007Choctaw Nation will implement its eSolution in partnership with Chickasaw Nation and CDP’s Farm Market Direct eSolution team, as well as Gainwell.
Colorado$350,000Colorado will contract with CDP for implementation of its eSolution.
Connecticut$250,000Connecticut will transition to a mobile closed-loop EBT payment solution. Connecticut will contract with SoliSYSTEMS so that participants can use either the SoliMarket Shopper, a mobile app WIC participants can download and use as their mobile wallet to manage e-benefits, or the SoliMarket Shopper Card, a physical card alternative.
District of Columbia$249,628The District of Columbia will contract with CDP to implement Farm Market Direct eSolution, which replaces paper vouchers with a QR code which can be printed onto a sticker and placed on a WIC EBT card.
Delaware$248,934Delaware will enter into a contract with SoliSYSTEMS in time for the start of the 2023 farmer season.


Florida is in the process of securing a vendor to work with during the transition to an eSolution.
Georgia$350,000Georgia will implement an eSolution that will include electronic benefit issuance; a mobile app for WIC participants to view and track issued benefits; a mobile app for farmers to record redemptions and track reimbursements; and key FMNP oversight functionality.


Illinois is in the process of developing a Request for Proposals (RFP) to procure an eSolution provider.
Indiana$345,776Indiana will contract with MarketLink to transition to an eSolution. Indiana will hire staff to support implementation and purchase loaner cell phones/tablets for farmers who do not have smart devices.
Iowa$302,369Iowa will contract with RP Solutions for an eSolution, but will still offer a paper voucher for participants without smart phones.
Kentucky$50,591Kentucky is working with SoliSYSTEMS to implement SoliMarket, which will move from distributing program benefits from coupons to a closed-loop, EBT solution using a mobile application and/or a card. Kentucky’s goal is to find a solution that meets the needs of both FMNP and SFMNP, which will simplify training and participation for farmers who participate in both programs.
Louisiana$250,000Louisiana will replace the use of paper benefits with a closed-loop EBT payment solution from SoliSYSTEMS. Participants will use the SoliMarket Shopper Card that features a QR code and human readable card number to initiate purchases from approved farmers using the SoliMarket Register app.
Maine$32,388Maine will modify its existing CVB Platform to include eFMNP capability and implement changes in its SPIRIT Management Information System to meet the primary goal of the grant opportunity to provide funding to implement an available and tested electronic, mobile WIC FMNP solution.
Maryland$308,831Maryland will replace its current paper-based FMNP coupon benefit issuance and redemption process with an eSolution model.
Massachusetts$349,874Massachusetts will use grant funding to explore, pilot, and implement an FMNP eSolution. The feasibility study will evaluate data security; existing programs; impact on local agencies, farmers, and participants; and long-term financial sustainability. Using the results of the study, Massachusetts will select an eSolution to pilot in FY 2024. After concluding the pilot and analyzing results, Massachusetts will develop an implementation plan for FY 2025.
Michigan$350,000Michigan will integrate their FMNP system into their WIC Management Information System to continue to leverage technologies developed by the WIC program. The combination of a FMNP administration system and wireless point of sale devices (farmers will use their own smart phone) will provide an end-to-end solution that will resolve problem areas faced by the FMNP administration today.
Minnesota$251,051Minnesota is working with RP Solutions to transition to an eSolution in FY 2024 and anticipates using a paper coupon with a QR code for participants.
Montana$350,000Montana will contract with Central Bank of Missouri for an eSolution, and will provide options to accommodate participants without smart phones.
Nevada$197,763Nevada will transition to an eSolution that includes a closed-loop payment system and a mobile application and/or card for users that do not have a smart phone or network capability.
New Hampshire$116,065New Hampshire will enter into a contract with Farm Market Direct. Participants will use a QR code that may be accessed from their participant portal or printed as a sticker on their WIC EBT card or on paper.
New Jersey$350,000New Jersey will implement an eSolution utilizing QR codes. New Jersey will enhance their portal to add features requested by farmers and participants, and will expand their growing season to begin on May 1. New Jersey plans to also include CVB redemption at farmers’ markets in FY 2024.
New Mexico$166,000New Mexico will use grant funding to provide hotspots to farmers, markets, and roadside stands and to develop additional marketing strategies, by working with local radio stations and purchasing promotional materials. New Mexico utilizes SoliMarket’s eSolution.
North Carolina$206,660North Carolina will transition to an eSolution with Farm Market Direct in FY 2024.
Ohio$350,000Ohio is conducting a landscape analysis to determine effects of implementing an eSolution. Using the results of the analysis, Ohio will then choose an eSolution and provider.
Omaha Nation


Omaha Nation is in the initial planning phase of the project and is planning to implement an eSolution in FY 2025.
Pennsylvania$100,403Pennsylvania will implement an eSolution from Central Bank of Missouri utilizing QR codes printed on paper checks. Pennsylvania will use participant data to identify trends in redemption to enhance future program operations.
Rhode Island$80,826Rhode Island will contract with Custom Data Processing to implement Farm Market Direct eSolution, useing a QR code which can be printed onto a sticker and placed on a WIC EBT card.
South Carolina$39,000South Carolina will contract with SoliSYSTEMS to implement SoliMarket, which will move to a closed-loop, EBT solution using a mobile application and/or a card.
Tennessee$15,000Tennessee is in the process of preparing for procurement for an eSolution.


Virginia is working with RP Solutions to develop a Transaction Processing Service using QR codes. Virginia will transition to Healthy Together, which offers solutions for participants who might not have the capability to download an application or access an online platform and for farmers’ market locations with poor or unreliable internet connectivity.
West Virginia$250,000West Virginia will contract with Custom Data Processing to implement Farm Market Direct eSolution. This mobile system uses a QR code which can be printed onto a sticker and placed on a WIC EBT card.
Wisconsin$350,000Wisconsin will work with RP Solutions to issue paper checks with a QR code. Participants without a phone will be provided a paper QR code.
Page updated: April 23, 2024