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2019 WIC Special Project Innovation Grant

Grantee: Council of State Governments

Summary: In September 2019, FNS awarded the Council of State Governments (CSG) the 2019 WIC Special Project Innovation Grant (Innovation Grant). The Innovation Grant is a three year cooperative agreement, during which CSG and FNS will award sub-grants to WIC state agencies for customer service enhancements to the WIC certification and eligibility determination process. CSG will assist WIC state and local agencies in the development of interactive tools, technical resources, innovative solutions, and program enhancements. CSG will manage the special projects and work directly with WIC state and local agencies as they develop, implement, and evaluate their projects.

CSG will post an RFA to interested WIC agencies no later than May 2020 on their website. FNS will share all updates to WIC state agencies as they become available.

Page updated: November 30, 2021