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2010 WIC Special Project Grants

Project Title: Targeting Behavioral Triggers of Overfeeding: Obesity Prevention in Older Infants and Toddlers at WIC

State Agency: California

Summary: The aim of the California project is to extend, expand and evaluate behavioral nutrition education to address the needs of caregivers of older infants (7-12 months of age) and toddlers (to 18 months of age) in California WIC. through the expansion of the training and education designed to promote positive parent-child interaction and healthy feeding practices, California WIC hopes to prevent establishment of feeding behaviors that are known to result in child overweight and obesity. The project will assess the impact of the intervention on knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of staff and participants.

Project Title: New York WIC Retention Promotion Study: Keep, Reconnect, Thrive

State Agency: New York

Summary: Identify & implement improvement in child retention rates. Objectives are to: 1) study factors associated with high retention 2) use a community informed approach to design & implement two sets of retention promotion strategies in 4 regions 3) assess impact of retention promotion 4) assess sustainability & transferability of the retention interventions.


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