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2007 WIC Special Project Grants

Strengthening WIC Nutrition Assessment Skills: Establishing a Competency-to-Training Framework in a Learning Management System

State Agency: Iowa
This project will incorporate WIC nutrition assessment competencies and related training activities into an existing online learning management system for local WIC personnel as a strategy to foster self-assessment, provide timely access to key training topics through internal and external online courses and document completed training activities. The training system uses a blended training approach that will maximize limited training resources at the state and local levels. The project goals are to: 1) develop and validate a nutrition assessment competency set and online self-assessment tool for use by local WIC agency personnel; and 2) develop, implement and evaluate an online training and documentation component addressing the WIC nutrition assessment competencies.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter

State Agency: Massachusetts
The Massachusetts WIC Nutrition Program will develop participant-centered, emotion-based nutrition assessment tools and techniques that resonate with WIC participants and staff, and provide valuable information for nutrition risk assessment and intervention that can be utilized across a variety of WIC clinics, populations and settings. The project goals are to: 1) examine current assessment techniques, questions and interactions to target areas for improvement; 2) create innovative strategies, assessment questions and tools that bring emotion into the nutrition assessment to enhance the connection between counselor and participant; and 3) develop validated emotion-based nutrition assessment tools and training that combine Value Enhanced Nutrition Assessment (VENA) principles and emotion-based techniques.

Get Healthy Together: WIC Staff and Clients Moving Toward Healthier Lifestyles

State Agency: New Mexico
This project will implement obesity management skill trainings for WIC staff to enhance their ability to provide pediatric overweight preventions and behavior management counseling. In addition this project will replicate staff wellness and self-efficacy trainings developed in the Fit WIC project. The goals are two-fold: 1) to increase New Mexico WIC staff self-efficacy regarding management of person health behaviors associated with nutrition, physical activity and sedentary behaviors; and 2) to improve WIC staff counseling skills with WIC clients related to pediatric overweight prevention and management.

QWIC LEARN (Local, Efficient, Accessible, Responsive, Nutrition Education) – Moving Learning Forward in Pennsylvania

State Agency: Pennsylvania
This project will create a series of e-Learning modules focused on staff skills in conducting Value Enhanced Nutrition Assessment (VENA) in the WIC setting. Four modules will be developed to facilitate the delivery of high-quality, consistent staff training across a large geographic area in a cost efficient manner. The e-Learning system will be comprised of highly interactive, multi-media learning modules that focus on developing and measuring competencies and skill rather than content knowledge alone.

Concept Paper: Cultural and Linguistic Competency Training for VENA Implementation

State Agency: Maine
Maine was awarded $20,000 for concept paper development. The purpose of the proposal is to develop a special project grant that will improve staff competency in implementing Value Enhanced Nutrition Assessment (VENA). It will incorporate an intensive training on cultural and linguistic competence into VENA training and evaluate its effect on the nutrition assessment process.

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