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2006 WIC Special Project Grants

Modifying and Extending Fit WIC Materials to Start Obesity Prevention in Infancy
State Agency: California
Summary: This project will modify existing Fit WIC materials to address issues caregivers face and to evaluate the integration of these materials and messages into WIC sites in California. The first goal is to determine the feasibility and costs of integrating the modified materials into classrooms and environments of participating WIC sites. The second goal is to evaluate the impact of modified education on 1) knowledge and attitudes of staff and participant caregivers, 2) breastfeeding duration, 3) formula use, and 4) early or inappropriate solid food introduction.
Final Report: California WIC State Agency: Modifying and Extending Fit WIC Materials to Start Obesity Prevention in Infancy (pdf)


New Hampshire WIC Fit-N-Fun Project
State Agency: New Hampshire
Summary: The primary goal of this project is to address the ever-growing problem of overweight in New Hampshire WIC preschoolers, ages 3 to 4 years old. The first strategy is to offer culturally and linguistically appropriate physical activity education to Hispanic families enrolled in the New Hampshire WIC Program. The second strategy is to improve collaborations among community health and education programs that serve 3 and 4 year old WIC children in an effort to promote consistent age appropriate physical activity messages. The third and final strategy is to address New Hampshire WIC staff’s ability to deliver effective and high quality nutrition services to WIC families.
Final Report: New Hampshire WIC State Agency: Fit-N-Fun Project [pdf]


Fit WIC NY: Revitalizing Quality Nutrition Services
State Agency: New York
Summary: The overall goal of the project is to increase healthy behaviors and improve health outcomes among WIC parent/caregivers and their families and to address the epidemic of childhood overweight. The overall objectives are: to improve self-efficacy, knowledge, intended positive behavior change and satisfaction with WIC nutrition services for WIC families; to improve job satisfaction among all WIC staff; to improve satisfaction, knowledge and confidence among WIC educators; and to assess whether results vary by race/ethnicity and by rural/urban location. This project will examine how well the New York Fit WIC initiative meets these goals and objectives and will provide feedback on where additional educational or training material may be changed or enhanced.
Final Report: New York WIC State Agency: Fit WIC NY: Revitalizing Quality Nutrition Services [pdf]


Concept Papers - FY 2006

Getting to the Heart of the Matter: Using Emotion-Based Techniques to Implement VENA
State Agency: Massachusetts
Summary: Massachusetts was awarded $15,000 for concept paper development. This project represents the next step to continually enhance the effectiveness of their program by better connecting with participants and providing services that are more responsive to the needs and interests of the families served by Massachusetts WIC.
Fit WIC Families
State Agency: Vermont
Summary: Vermont was awarded $15,000 for concept paper development. This proposal focuses on increasing physical activity and breastfeeding in the WIC population. The family-centered approach will build on the original Fit WIC Program materials by adding additional modes of distribution and by emphasizing social support and community resources.
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