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USDA Foods Nutrition Education Resource Library

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Nutrition Education
Resource Materials

The USDA Foods Nutrition Education Resource Library provides program-specific, nutrition education resources for FDPIR administering agencies. Agencies can order culturally appropriate resources for free by visiting the resource library website and selecting the quantity they would like to order. The requested resources will then be shipped directly to them. Below are the items currently available. Check back often to see what new resources have been added!


FNS #Title
FNS-024MyPlate: What's On Your Plate? Poster
FNS-025MyPlate: ¿Qué Hay En Su Plato? Poster
FNS-029MyPlate MyWins: Make It Yours Mini Poster
FNS-962FDPIR Nutrition for a Healthy Life Poster
FNS-963FDPIR Connecting People to Healthy Food Poster

Recipe Cards

FNS #Title
FNS-951Frozen Ground Bison
FNS-952Frozen Blueberries
FNS-953Blue Cornmeal
FNS-954Frozen Catfish
FNS-955Frozen Peas
FNS-956Frozen Salmon
FNS-957Frozen Walleye
FNS-958Wild Rice
FNS-959Whole Grain Rotini
FNS-960Acorn Squash
FNS-970Pack of 10 Recipe Cards


FNS #Title
FNS-967Food Safety "Is It Done Yet?" Magnet


FNS #Title
FNS-971Moo-ve! to Low-Fat and Nonfat Dairy Shelf-Talker
FNS-972Reach for Raisins Shelf-Talker
FNS-973Have a Berry Good Day! Shelf-Talker
FNS-974Make it Apple-Saucy Shelf-Talker
FNS-975Chill Out with Frozen Veggies Shelf-Talker
FNS-976Eat the Rainbow! Shelf-Talker
FNS-977Yes, You Can! Shelf-Talker
FNS-978Swap the Salt Shelf-Talker
FNS-979Choose Whole Grains Shelf-Talker
FNS-980Go Lean with Protein Shelf-Talker
FNS-981Pack of 10 Shelf-Talkers


FNS #Title
FNS-982Go Lean with Protein (Bison) Sticker
FNS-983Go Lean with Protein (Fish) Sticker
FNS-984Eat the Rainbow Sticker
FNS-985Nuts About Nutrition Sticker
FNS-986I Tried It! Sticker
FNS-987Launch Your Day with Breakfast! Sticker


FNS #Title
FNS-992FDPIR: Supporting Nutrition Security through Food and Education Brochure
Page updated: October 23, 2023