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Integrated Food Management System (IFMS)

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IFMS Mobile App

The USDA IFMS mobile app allows ITOs to conduct food distribution offline at tailgate sites where internet and cellular connectivity is not sufficient. Users transfer IFMS inventory from the main warehouse to the mobile app inventory before tailgating. Upon reconnecting to the internet, the mobile app syncs issuance transactions with the web application and allows users to transfer remaining inventory back to the main warehouse.

An Apple device using iOS 16 is recommended to access the mobile app. The transition team can assist with confirming support for specific devices.

A direct Wi-Fi printer is required to print issuances at tailgate sites.

Other recommended equipment includes Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, and protective case.

System and Browser Requirements

IFMS is a cloud-based application that requires the following:

  • Wired or wireless internet connection.
  • Minimum of 0.5 mb/s download speed.
  • Supported web browser: Chrome (preferred) or Firefox.
  • Internet-capable computers with a mouse or a similar device are recommended at each location for customer registration, inventory management, and store-concept issuance checkout.

The purchase of a hot spot and/or cellular plan would be an allowable use of FDPIR administrative funds. Please reach out to the FNS regional office to discuss options.

Detailed information about system requirements can be found in the IFMS Resources Library.

User Accounts

In IFMS, each user must have their own user account and eAuthentication (eAuth) or login. In preparation for an organization's upcoming launch, the transition team will collect information for each staff member to create their user account in IFMS.

Users who do not currently have an eAuth or account will receive instructions to create one when their IFMS user account is ready. To create an eAuth/ account, each user must have a unique email address and the ability to access this email account to complete the activation process.

IFMS References

The transition team has developed tutorials, presentations, and training curriculum along with reference materials to support ITOs as they become familiar with, and transition to IFMS. This includes:


877-WBSCM-4U (877-927-2648)
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Page updated: December 19, 2023