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IFMS Release Updates

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IFMS Release Updates

The Integrated Food Management System (IFMS) continues to evolve through continuous improvement based on user feedback and the current guidance for the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR).

IFMS Releases 2.1.1 was deployed on Mar. 17, 2023. All updates and enhancements are applied automatically; no user actions are required to use the latest version of IFMS.

Key updates include:


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Household Management

  • ITO users can now check for duplicate members.
  • ITO users can see new help text for self-employment income and self-employment tax statement to enter data for the correct time period.
  • ITO users can view an updated layout of the Self-Employment Tax Form to enter the income details efficiently.
  • ITO users can print an application summary with signature and date line, view the application’s certification start and end dates, and print a completed form more than once.

Inventory Management

  • N/A

Issuance Management

  • N/A


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Release notes documentation as well as updated manuals, quick reference guides, and other user resources are available in the IFMS Learning Academy (login required).

Enhancement opportunities for IFMS are considered based on the requirements of FDPIR program operations and impact to the ITO user community at large. The contents for each release are limited by available resources and system dependencies in IFMS. All changes included in each release undergo thorough testing before they are deployed.

Updated: 03/21/2023