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Household Programs USDA Foods Product Information Sheets: Vegetables

The table below includes links to all the household USDA Foods Product Information Sheets for the vegetable food group.

Note: links on this page will open in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Make sure you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You will need this program to view food fact sheets. To request alternative formats for PDF content, visit the contact page.

Asparagus, fresh X 
Broccoli, fresh X 
Brussel sprouts, fresh X 
Cabbage, fresh X 
Carrots, diced frozen XX
Carrots, fresh X 
Carrots, low sodium cannedXXX
Cauliflower, fresh X 
Celery, fresh X 
Cherry Tomatoes, fresh X 
Corn, fresh X 
Corn, cream, canned XX
Corn, whole-kernel cannedXXX
Cucumbers, fresh X 
Green beans, low-sodium cannedXXX
Hominy, whole canned X 
Lettuce, iceberg, fresh X 
Lettuce, Romaine, fresh X 
Mixed Vegetables, low-sodium cannedXXX
Onion, yellow, fresh X 
Onion, red, fresh X 
Peas, low-sodium cannedXXX
Peas, frozen XX
Pepper, jalapeño, fresh X 
Pepper, green, fresh X 
Pepper, red, fresh X 
Potatoes, dehydratedXXX
Potatoes, fresh X 
Potato, red, fresh XX
Potatoes, sliced, cannedXXX
Potatoes, sweet, cannedX  
Potatoes, sweet, fresh XX
Pumpkin, low-sodium canned XX
Radishes, fresh X 
Soup, tomato condensed XX
Soup, vegetableXXX
Spaghetti Sauce, low-sodium cannedXXX
Spinach, fresh X 
Spinach, low-sodium cannedXXX
Squash, acorn X 
Squash, butternut X 
Squash, spaghetti X 
Squash, summer, fresh X 
Stir fry blend vegetables, frozen 


Tomato sauce, canned XX
Tomatoes, diced cannedXXX
Tomatoes, fresh X 
Tomato Juice, low sodiumXXX
Turnips, fresh X 

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Page updated: July 09, 2024