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Household Programs USDA Foods Product Information Sheets: Proteins

The table below includes links to all the household USDA Foods Product Information Sheets for the protein food group.

Note: links on this page will open in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Make sure you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. You will need this program to view food fact sheets. To request alternative formats for PDF content, visit the contact page.

Alaska Pollock, fillets, frozen  X
Alaska Pollock, whole grain breaded fish sticks, frozen  X
Almonds, Natural, Whole, Shelled  X
Atlantic Haddock, Ocean Perch, and Pollock, fillets, frozen  X
Beans, baby lima, dryX X
Beans, black, cannedXXX
Beans, garbanzo, canned  X
Beans, Great Northern, dryXXX
Beans, kidney, cannedXXX
Beans, kidney, dryX X
Beans, lentils, dryX X
Beans, pinto, cannedXXX
Beans, pinto, dryXXX
Beans, refried, canned XX
Beans, vegetarian, cannedXXX
Beef, cannedXXX
Beef, ground frozen XX
Beef, ground frozen LFTB  X
Beef, round roast, frozen X 
Beef, stewXXX
Bison, ground, frozen X 
Bison, stew meat, frozen X 
Catfish, fillets un-breaded, raw, frozen XX
Chicken, Boneless Breast, Frozen XX
Chicken, cannedXXX
Chicken, Drumsticks, Frozen  X
Chicken, split breast frozen  X
Chicken, whole frozen XX
Chili, with beans, cannedX  
Chili, without beans, cannedX  
Eggs mix, dried XX
Eggs, shell XX
Ham, fully-cooked frozen  X
Ham, smoked pit fully-cooked frozen X 
Peanut Butter, smoothXXX
Peanuts, roasted, unsalted XX
Peas, black-eyed, canned  X
Peas, black-eyed, dry  X
Pork, canned  X
Pork, loin chops boneless frozen XX
Pork, patty, frozen X (bonus) 
Pork, pulled, frozen X (bonus) 
Salmon, fillets, frozen X 
Salmon, pink, cannedX X
Tuna, in water, canned X 
Turkey, deli breast, sliced XX
Walleye, fillets, frozen X 
Walnut, Pieces  X
Page updated: July 09, 2024