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CFR Correction: Donation of Foods for Use in the United States, its Territories and Possessions and Areas Under its Jurisdiction

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In Title 7 of the Code of Federal Regulations, parts 210 to 299, revised as of Jan. 1, 2003, on page 466, § 250.30 is corrected by reinstating paragraph (f)(1) introductory text. The reinstated text reads as follows:

§ 250.30

State processing of donated foods.

(f) * * *

(1) The processing contract may provide for substitution of donated foods as defined in § 250.3 except that donated beef and donated pork shall not be substitutable. Any substitution of commercial product for commodities other than beef, pork, or poultry is subject to a 100-percent yield requirement. Under the 100-percent yield requirement, the processor is responsible for any manufacturing losses.

Page updated: November 22, 2023