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Training Grants - 2009 TN Grants

Last Published: 11/21/2013

Training Grants

2009 TN Grants

Delaware Florida Georgia
Idaho Illinois Indiana 
Iowa Kansas Maryland
Michigan  Missouri  Montana
Nebraska North Dakota Ohio
South Dakota South Carolina Wisconsin



State agency will provide training and resources for Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) sponsors, licensing specialists and food service professionals to implement the State's recently enacted CACFP nutrition policy. Child care foodservice professionals will learn about promoting and modeling healthy child care environments through fun, interactive nutrition education and physical activity opportunities. A Team Nutrition Kids Summit with food vendors, growers, and community partners will be held.
For more information contact David Bowman at dbowman@DOE.K12.DE.US.



The Florida Department of Education, Office of Food and Nutrition Management (FLDOE FNM) will provide state-wide trainings for school food service professionals on how to prepare and serve meals that are consistent with the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, incorporate USDA Foods, and meet the HealthierUS School Challenge criteria. FLDOE FNM will also provide Go for the Challenge mini grants to 25 elementary schools and 20 middle schools to promote nutrition and physical activity.  Best practices and lessons learned will be shared at the end of the grant period.
For more information contact Rachael Terrin at .



State agency will award mini grants and provide technical assistance and training to 30 childcare centers to help them develop and implement wellness policies. 
For more information contact Marissa Hamm at



State agency will provide schools with healthy cycle menus; train school food service on Culinary Techniques for Healthy School Meals; provide farm to school technical assistance and resources; provide HealthierUS School Challenge technical assistance and training; share summer feeding best practices; offer healthy school environment workshops, and identify best practices in school wellness.
For more information contact Heidi Martin at



State agency through the Illinois Nutrition Education Training program will provide training and resources for school food service staff through three breakfast summits and one webinar to assist them in offering more whole grains in the School Breakfast Program; provide mini grants and conduct a webinar to assist elementary schools to take the HealthierUS School Challenge,  provide mini grants and conduct a webinar to after school programs to offer fun and interactive nutrition education lessons and physical activities. For more information contact Joan Love at .



State agency will provide trainings and mini grants to 30 Indiana schools for them to implement the Action for Healthy Kids' Game On! The Ultimate Wellness Challenge (Game On!) and assist them with the implementation and evaluation of their school wellness policies using an online monitoring tool. These targeted schools will be required to complete at least four wellness challenges and will be encouraged to apply for the Healthy Hoosier School Award that is designed to motivate and move schools towards the implementation of their wellness policies.
For more information contact Beth Foland at



State agency will provide training for school foodservice staff and develop chef approved, student tested, seasonal, 4-week cycle menus that meet the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the HealthierUS School Challenge criteria, and use USDA Foods to the extent possible.  State agency will also provide training for CACFP home sponsors and partner with the Head Start program.  It will also develop a child care garden-themed nutrition education tool kit and pilot a school youth garden program. 
For more information contact Patti Delger at



State agency will develop and test new healthy school recipes. It will also revise and disseminate a Power Panther preschool program and a Power Panther professional staff wellness program. State agency will provide mini grants and technical assistance to schools for them to conduct family fun and food/fitness activities.
For more information contact Allison Gilmore at .



State agency will partner with the Maryland Restaurant Association to create CHEF teams in nine Maryland school systems.  It will provide mini grants, training, and technical assistance to these nine CHEF teams for them to develop recipes and menus that meet the National School Lunch Program nutrition standards and school foodservice budget.  Key members of the CHEF teams will be high school culinary students, who will develop and test recipes under the guidance of CHEF teams.  It will market developed menus and create nutrition education activities for teachers, students, and parents.
For more information contact Anna Arrowsmith at



State agency will provide regional and statewide healthy school trainings for school foodservice staff and provide mini grants to schools for the development of school garden projects. Grant activities also include inviting students to participate in a Junior Chef competition.  Foodservice managers will serve as adult leaders of the team and students will be asked to submit menus and recipes that meet the HealthierUS School Challenge criteria.
For more information contact Barbara Campbell at



State agency will provide training and technical assistance to child care centers and promote Missouri Eat Smart Guidelines for Child Care. It will provide hands on cooking experiences for children age 6-15 in at-risk after school programs. State agency will also bring in chefs to train school foodservice staff on the creative use of USDA Foods in menu planning.
For more information contact Barbara Keen at



State agency will provide healthy food preparation training for school and child care program foodservice staff; educate school personnel and community members about the nutritional contributions of USDA Foods;  ensure safety standards are maintained in the procurement of local foods by the development of Procurement Checklists; increase statewide participation in the HealthierUS School Challenge or  Healthier  Montana Menu Challenge Award Program; enhance each school district's capacity to implement wellness policies; and support the development of healthy feeding relationships in youth by creating a Healthy Mealtime video and a Let's Get Kids Cooking Club pilot project.
For more information contact Katie Bark at



State agency will provide technical assistance for five pilot schools that includes training for school wellness committee members on the HealthierUS School Challenge criteria and school wellness policy implementation.  These pilot schools will receive two years of technical assistance and support from their community partners.   Effectiveness of these trainings and technical assistance will be evaluated throughout the grant period.
For more information contact Bev Benes at


North Dakota

State agency will provide training and technical assistance to school foodservice staff about the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, nutritional improvements in USDA Foods, and any updates/revisions to USDA meal patterns and nutrition standards.  It will provide mini grants to CACFP participants to provide nutrition education lessons using Team Nutrition materials; provide training and mini grants to schools and community partners to improve their school nutrition environment, including taking the HealthierUS School Challenge, and implementing and evaluating local wellness policies.  State agency is also collaborating with the Coordinated School Health Program and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to provide nutrition education.
For more information contact Loris Freier at



State agency will provide mini grants to elementary schools to implement the Power UP Moves and Food nutrition module produced by The Ohio Department of Education.  It will also provide ten regional trainings to facilitators who will deliver 100 two- hour trainings around the State.  Schools will be encouraged to take the Healthier US School Challenge and use Team Nutrition materials.  Promising practices will be compiled at the end of the grant period. 
For more information contact Cecelia Torok at


South Dakota

State agency will encourage students to eat more fruits and vegetables by expanding and offering Fun Fruits and Vegetable Event Mini Grants; by offering school gardening mini grants and implementing the Move and Crunch Challenge program that was developed by the State of Illinois.  State agency will also provide mini grants to schools and child care centers to evaluate and improve the nutritional content of foods that are available through a la cart, vending, and fundraising and make changes to their school nutrition environment.
For more information contact Sandra Kangas at


South Carolina

State agency will provide trainings for school food service staff and elementary teachers about the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the HealthierUS School Challenge criteria. These trainings will be provided through on-site workshops, webinars, and teleconferences. The State Agency will develop 20 five- minute nutrition and physical activity messages (nutrition “shorts”) to be aired on radio stations and distributed to all elementary schools. It will also provide mini grants to child care centers for them to develop gardening projects.
For more information contact Juanita Bowen at



State agency will implement a classroom nutrition component as part of the Movin' and Munchin' schools nutrition and activity program, which was developed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, in 175 schools.  It will provide trainings for 100 Milwaukee Public School representatives, 20 AmeriCorps leaders, and 100 teachers and child care staff from at least 10 communities to bring healthy lifestyle messages to at-risk students and families, using the Role Modeling Action Guide developed by the Milwaukee County Nutrition and Physical Activity Coalition.  It will reach 40 Pre-Kindergarten programs to teach nutrition lessons to preschoolers and provide training to school food service professionals to enable them to prepare and serve nutritious meals and take the HealthierUS School Challenge.
For more information contact Jill Camber Davidson at