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Professional Standards Training Tracker Tool

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The USDA child nutrition programs’ Professional Standards Training Tracker Tool (PSTTT) is designed to assist school nutrition professionals in keeping track of their annually required training hours. The PSTTT is a voluntary and free web-based tool which provides easy navigation and user-friendly timesaving features including:

  • Creating a user profile and editing to update job title, user role, and organization (i.e., state, district, or school).
  • Auto-populating school or state agency information.
  • Adding, editing, and deleting training records and uploading supporting documents.
  • Auto-populating training information into training records.
  • Printing a certificate of completion.
  • Auto-sending bi-annual reminder notification to complete annual training requirements.
  • Earning training reward badges for completed training.
  • Accessing step-by-step training videos on the ‘Help’ tab.
  • Viewing and printing summary reports, including those employees with no logged trainings.
  • Logging certifications with an expiration date and automatic reminder emails.

Additional manager/director controls allow for:

  • Adding, editing, and deactivating employee profiles.
  • Uploading multiple employees’ information to easily create user profiles at one time.
  • Including employee ID numbers in employee profiles (optional).
  • Adding, editing, and deleting training records and uploading supporting documents for multiple employees at the same time.
  • Uploading multiple new training titles and training information at one time to be included on the PSTTT training list.
  • Maintaining training records and uploading supporting documents for each employee.
  • Uploading multiple training records for all employees at one time.
  • Uploading past employee training records at one time to be included on employees' training history.
  • Filtering employee training records by schools.
  • Printing certificate of completion for all employees.
  • Adding new schools and editing school information in their district.

School Director users have extra features that allow for:

  • Adding a new district and editing district information in the PSTTT database.
  • Requesting enhanced access if responsible for managing multiple districts.

Additional state agency users controls allow for:

  • Viewing and printing summary reports for all schools in their state.
  • Filtering school director, manager, and employee training records by districts and schools in their state.
Page updated: May 24, 2023