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How to Maximize the Exhibit A Grains Tool

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Team Nutrition demonstrates the latest enhancements to the Exhibit A Grains Tool. The Exhibit A Grains Tool allows you to search for your grain product as listed on Exhibit A and enter in the serving size from the product label. The tool helps you determine: 1) ounce equivalent (oz eq) grains or grains/bread serving(s) for the grain product, 2) amount to serve to provide your desired grains contribution, and (3) with the new update, the amount to serve for a grain product in order to meet the minimum grains requirement by age/grade groups for specific child nutrition programs. This webinar provides a demonstration and in-depth practice for using the grains tool on the Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs (FBG) Interactive Web-Based Tool. Participants will also experience the Exhibit A Grains Tool on the Mobile App, which allows program operators to determine the grains contribution and the amount to serve on-the-go.

Page updated: January 03, 2023