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Last Published: 09/05/2018

Every kid can have fun with nutrition. Make your way through all the food groups with these fun games and activities.

Image of game Blast OffBlast Off


Image of Game Track and FieldTrack and Field Fuel-Up


Discover MyPlate: A MyPlate Meal  [epub] [iTunes]
MyPlate ebook imageDiscover MyPlate: Dairy
[epub] [iTunes]

MyPlate ebook imageDiscover MyPlate: Fruits
[epub] [iTunes]

MyPlate ebook imageDiscover MyPlate: Grains
[epub] [iTunes]

MyPlate ebook imageDiscover MyPlate: Protein Foods  [epub] [iTunes]

MyPlate ebook imageDiscover MyPlate: Vegetables[epub] [iTunes]


MyPlate ebook imageThe Two Bite Club
[epub] [iTunes]
MyPlate ebook imageEl Club de los Dos Bocados [epub] [iTunes] MyPlate Menu imageCreate Your Own My Plate Menu MyPlate Bingo imageMyPlate Grocery Store Bingo
MyPlate Food critic imageKids Food Critic Activity Activity Cube imageActivity Cube Vegetable dice imageDetective Veggie Dice
Summer Food placemat imagePlacemat
[English] [Spanish]

Maze imageField Day Fun!

A color Adventure imageA Color Adventure!
[English] [Spanish]

Alive With Five Groups
Songs for Levels 1 and 2

Do and Be
Songs for All levels

Do Your Body Right
Songs for Level 3

Meet My Plate imageMeet MyPlate
[English] [Spanish]


Be Your Best for Breakfast

Be Your Best with Breakfast
[English] [Spanish]

Grocery Store Treasure  Image

Grocery Store Treasure Hunt

Snack like a super hero imageSnack like a Super Hero Fuel up with Milk at Meals

Fuel up with Milk at Meals

Nutrient Knowledge Flashcards

Nutrient Knowledge Flashcards