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Team Nutrition Training Grant FY 2014

Up to $5.5 million is anticipated in Fiscal Year 2014 for TN Training Grants

Approximately $2.5 million will be set aside to provide non-competitive grants (up to $50,000) to state agencies that commit to specific strategies to increase the number of schools implementing Smarter Lunchroom strategies.

Up to $350,000 may be requested through a competitive grants process

State agencies wishing to apply for both a competitive and a non-competitive grant may apply for up to $350,000, cumulatively. For example, a state may apply for a $50,000 non-competitive grant, but they would then only be eligible to apply for up to $300,000 in competitive funding; the maximum amount a state may request is $350,000. The submission of an application for a non-competitive grant guarantees funding, provided the application meets all the required criteria. The submission of an application for a competitive grant does NOT guarantee funding for a competitive grant. Both competitive and non-competitive TN Training Grants will be funded for the period of Sept. 30, 2014-Sept. 30, 2016.

Funding for approved TN Training Grants will be provided through the Grant Award/Letter of Credit process, in the same manner as other federal funds, upon receipt of a properly executed Federal-State TN Training Grant Agreement and subject to availability of funding. All TN Training Grant funds must be obligated and all activities under the TN Training Grant must be completed by Sept. 30, 2016.

Page updated: November 22, 2023