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Funding a Local School Wellness Policy

Local school wellness policies promote health and wellness in each school district. They allow schools to take an active role in promoting student wellness and preventing obesity. Local school wellness policies can be created and implemented with any level of financial commitment.

Schools and districts can be creative when looking for funding. There are many sources of funding that may be available. Some examples include health insurance providers, private foundations, community organizations, and government agencies. It may be possible to fund several of the projects that fall under the local school wellness policy with just one grant, rather than relying on a different funding source for each program.

Visit the School Nutrition Environment and Wellness Resources website for some information on grants and funding sources related to child nutrition and physical activity that may help finance your district’s policy development, implementation, and assessment. Click on the Grants/Funding Opportunities link to find information on specific grants, as well as resources to locate grants and information on the grant writing process.

  • Resources to Write Grants
  • Resources to Locate Grants
  • Specific Grants: Government
  • Specific Grants: Foundations
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Page updated: December 22, 2022