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Fueling My Healthy Life

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Nutrition Education
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Use project-based learning and technology to engage 6th graders in nutrition education while meeting educational standards for English and Health. In this Start Smart with Breakfast lesson, students explore why eating breakfast matters, what constitutes a balanced breakfast, and how MyPlate can help them make healthy eating choices. Feel free to copy these materials, share them in your electronic classroom, or convert the worksheets into an electronic form.

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Teacher Multimedia Resources
start right with breakfast
Lesson Plan: Start Right With Breakfast
Healthy Eating with MyPlate
Informational Text: Healthy Eating With MyPlate
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Breakfast Around the World
Informational Text: Breakfast Around the World
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Breakfast Myths
Breakfast Myths Handout
MyPlate Handout
MyPlate Breakfast Handout


Breakfast Around the World Interactive

Breakfast Around the World


Digital Badges

The Fueling My Healthy Life badges motivate students to learn and adopt healthy habits by recognizing students who demonstrate an understanding of the key learning objectives for each lesson.

Challenge Champ badge
Challenge Champion
Star Achiever Badge
Star Achiever
Super Sleuth Badge
Super Sleuth