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Last Published: 12/20/2013

Foodservice professionals are a vital link to children. You can help children be healthier, now and in years to come. As a school foodservice professional, you are part of a proud tradition. Since 1946, the National School Lunch Program has provided financial support and federally purchased commodities to help schools and residential child care institutions serve nourishing, well-balanced meals to children. Many schools have also joined the School Breakfast Program to offer morning meals that help children be ready to learn.

While these programs have always been a partnership between the federal government, states, and local communities, you and your colleagues in schools have been – and still are – the vital link to children. Today, your role is even more important than ever.

You and your colleagues across the country play a huge part in our Nation's battle against hunger and malnutrition. You've made a difference in the lives of millions of children. The food you provide helps them be ready to learn. The choices you offer can help them build healthy lifestyles.

The Healthy Meals Resource System is the training and technical assistance component of Team Nutrition. The site was developed by USDA's Food and Nutrition Information Center (FNIC) with the cooperation of the Department of Nutrition and Food Science at the University of Maryland.

Mealtalk is an e-mail discussion group and communication tool linking professionals operating the Child Nutrition Programs, allowing them to share resources, information and solutions to common problems.

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