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Cover of the Discover My Plate Nutrition Education for Kindergarten Teacher's Guide
Teacher's Guide

The Discover MyPlate Teacher’s Guide includes six standards-based, inquiry-led, student-centered and teacher-approved lessons for kindergarten. This easy-to-navigate guide allows teachers to pick and choose activities that best meet their classroom needs and resources.


All are welcome to download these materials and make copies. To download the file, please right-click on the link and "save link as."

Letter to Teachers
Cover and Letter to Teachers
Getting Started section of Discover MyPlate
Getting Started
Lessons at-a-glance
Lessons at-a-Glance
Education standards met by discover MyPlate lessons
Education Standards
Lesson One - Meet the Five Food Group Friends
Lesson 1: Meet the Five Food Group Friends
Lesson Two Discover MyPlate
Lesson 2: Discover MyPlate!
Lesson Three Eat Your Colors
Lesson 3: Eat Your Colors!
Lesson Four Planting the Seeds for Healthier Eating
Lesson 4: Planting the Seeds for Healthier Eating
Lesson Five Starting Our Day with MyPlate
Lesson 5: Starting Our Day With MyPlate
Lesson Six Let's Play, Let's Party
Lesson 6: Let’s Play, Let’s Party!
Classroom Celebrations
Classroom Celebrations
customizable invitation for parents
Celebration Invitation
Look and Cook Recipes
Look and Cook Recipes/
Teacher Instructions
Book club list
Book Club List
A page that shows the collection of parent handouts
Parent Handouts
Appendix C: Five Food Groups
Five Food Groups
Reach for the sky song lyrics
Reach for the Sky Song Lyrics
taste testing activities
Taste Testing Activities
answer key for Discover MyPlate student workbook
Answer Key to Student Workbook
Page updated: January 25, 2023