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Multicultural Child Care Recipes From Africa

The 40 recipes in this Team Nutrition collection will add the flavors from different cultures and regions to child care menus. Available in yields of 6, 25, and 50 servings. Download them in English and Spanish.

See also: Child Nutrition Recipe Box at the Institute of Child Nutrition.

Chicken with Veggie Couscous

Chicken & Veggie Couscous
[6 Servings] [25-50 Servings]

Chickpeas Tomatoes

Chickpeas & Tomatoes
[6 Servings] [25-50 Servings]

Greens & Beans

Greens & Beans Soup
[6 Servings] [25-50 Servings]

Wild Veggie Mash Up

Veggie Mash Up
[6 Servings] [25-50 Servings]

Page updated: June 10, 2024